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Volcano Cotopaxi releasing a LOT of smoke and ash today. Subscribe today to get future updates http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=paduraru

Always stockpile water and food along with all other things you need for at least 3-6 months. Please be praying for all the poor and needy people…

Original Soundtrack from Chillout Ambient Lounge album from http://theremixlabel.com/carta-para-ninos/

#September #Housemusic (Inspiring #Proghouse Meets Vibrant #Deephouse #Music RadioShow Mix)

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Various Artists – September Housemusic (Yesitive Inspiring Proghouse Meets Vibrant Deephouse Music Mixset)

01 Zingiber – Healing Rhythm (Inspiring Proghouse Mix)
02 Yespiring – September Song (lS Dj Deephouse Mix)
03 Feeling – Remarkable Challenges (Deephouse Mix)
04 FNW – Principles Detective (PCu Breaks Dance Mix)
05 Relate4ever – Love Never Fails (Ana Miranda Vocal Deephouse Mix)
06 1st Class – 9 Fruits Of The Spirit (lS Dj Deephouse Mix)
07 Yesitive – Truth Kingdom (Vocal Proghouse Mix)
08 Paduraru – Wearechange (Organic Deephouse Mix)
09 Morico Montini – Brought Herinto Thetent (Organic Deephouse Mix)
10 Dubacid – Blameless Walk (Organic Deephouse Mix)
11 Yesitive – Storytelling Movies (Deephouse Mix)


Merciful Mountain


Download this poster from HERE. Y en Espanol AQUI. Descarca afisul de AICI.

– Download HERE – The Letter For Children
– Descarga AQUI – La Carta Para Los Ninos
– Descarca AICI – Scrisoarea Pentru Copii
– Download ONLY – The Original Soundtrack (Without Voices)
– Do you want ONLY the spoken voices as Positive Affirmations?

Vibrant #Deephouse #Housemusic Mixset

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Vibrant #Deephouse Danny #Deeptech #Housemusic Mixset


ONELORD – Oneanother Vibes (#Techhouse Mix)

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ONELORD – Oneanother Vibes (Paduraru #Techhouse Mix)

The Child (#Tribal House)

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WER150826 Heathous – The Child (Tribal House Music) – EP
This Worldwide Exclusive Records release will make your dancefloor move!  
1 Db123 Love Dance (Ana Miranda Vocal House Mix)
2 C123 Into His Service (Tribal Techhouse Mix)
3 D123 Strategic Relocation (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
4 Eb123 The Child (Tribal House Mix)

Donkey speaks with Llama

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Donkey with Llama


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