Dance The Scriptures (Inspiring #Housemusic #Album) Prerelease Exclusivity

Buy the full album in exclusivity directly from The Remix Label via paypal for suggested $15 USD and you will get a ZIP archive with all these tunes as high quality MP3. Play?

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CR1505 – Cristian Paduraru presents Dance the Scriptures (Inspiring Housemusic Album) Spring Edition release date May 2015 as Digital, CD, Vinyl – Celebrating 10 years of Christian Records of The Remix Label music ministry! Copyright Licensing Contact: Cristian at TheRemixLabel

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01 Prepare The Kingdom (Ana Miranda Vocal Funkocrat Breaks Dance)
02 Evangelio En Espanol (Gospel Vocal Lounge Ambient Chillout)
03 I Will Walk Worthy (Relate4ever Organic Deephouse Mix)
04 Peacemakers (Cristian Paduraru Vibrant Deephouse Mix)
05 Feeling Right Sideup (GrowAware Vocal Deephouse Mix)
06 Love Chapter Dance Anthem (Ana Miranda Vocal Tribal House Mix)
07 The Gospel of The Kingdom Prepared (Shannon Snap Breaks Mix)
08 True Disciples (Heathous Organic Deephouse Mix)
09 Games For Girls (Dubacid Deeptech Techno Mix)
10 Gospel Shoutout (So Shannon Vocal Housemusic Anthem Mix)
11 Emotional World (Coolerika Vocal House Music Radio Mix)
12 Pesto Spring Healthy Food (Carola Bianca Vocal Deephouse Mix)
13 Emotion To Weep (Fire In Water Progressive Breaks Mix)
14 Starrysky Dreams Begins To Fly (1st Class Vocal Proghouse Mix)
15 Beating Heart (Yesitive Vocal Progressive House Mix)
16 Like A Dove (Yespiring Inspiring Deephouse Mix)
17 Universal Interpretation Was Positive (Morico Montini Vocal Housemusic Mix)
18 Teaching Hearts Team Building (Ketaneo Tribal Proghouse Mix)
19 Fruit Of The Spirit (Superfoods Organic Deephouse Mix)
20 Sharing Transparently The Great Commision (EDM Accurate Bible Version 2LS2Dance Techhouse Music Mix)
21 Best Beach Ambiance (Remixable Key-Bb Lounge Chillout Ambient Minimix)

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And my wife is talking…

The Letter for #Children (with #Positive #Affirmations on #Ambient #Music Album)

Relate4ever Publishing presents the Letter for Children with Positive Affirmations on Ambient Music! Play these tunes that will empower you and your child forever.

– Download HERE – The Letter For Children
– Descarga AQUI – La Carta Para Los Ninos
– Descarca AICI – Scrisoarea Pentru Copii
– Download ONLY – The Original Soundtrack (Without Voices)
– Do you want ONLY the spoken voices as Positive Affirmations?

Stream examples here:


After over 10 years of research, asking thousands of parents from many countries, what they would love the most in their families for their children, we discover the greatest needs and dreams that most people have.

The Letter For Children is a collection of positive affirmations on ambient music which inspire and motivates the listener. The sounds are relaxing. The melodies are made for all four temperaments. The composition is made on the heart rhythm so that the body will easily identify with it.

Parent who desires in their family more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, respect, can order this album on CD locally or digitally as MP3 files online. It is the ideal gift for the children that will remain for years and not just pass away in days.

You can download the tunes and artwork then burn 100 to 10.000 CDs locally at any duplication press. You can distribute these CDs to events, schools, churches, publishing, shops, clubs, travel agencies, other companies as gifts for their clients and members.

This is an amazing opportunity for disciples that like to reach out to key people like school directors, companies managers, churches pastors, to name a few while benefit from Relate4ever Publishing and The Remix Label public relations training. The income can make you serve self-supported in your ministry.

The representative keeps 20% when sells hundreds of CDs and 40% for thousands of copies sold. At each 3.000 CDs sold you get a vacation in Ecuador enjoying natural food in the fellowship with the disciples in South America.

Catalog: CD1506EN
Artist: Iam
Title: The Letter For Children
Description: Positive Affirmations On Ambient Music

Tracklist / Playlist:
01 Loved
02 Joyful
03 Peaceful
04 Patient
05 Kind
06 Good
07 Faithful
08 Gentle
09 Temperate
10 Respectful
11 Humble
12 Merciful
13 Servant
14 Rest
15 Fulfilled
16 Generous
17 Grateful
18 Responsable
19 Unique
20 Safe
21 Playful
22 Happy
23 Model
24 Child

Scrisoarea Pentru Copii (Pe Muzica Ambientala)

– Descarca AICI – Scrisoarea Pentru Copii
– Descarga AQUI – La Carta Para Los Ninos
– Download HERE – The Letter For Children
– Download ONLY – The Original Soundtrack (Fara Voci)
– Vrei sa descarci doar vocile cu afirmatii pozitive?

Dupa peste 10 ani de cercetari, intreband mii de parinti din mai multe tari, ce si-ar dori cel mai mult in familiile lor pentru copii lor, am descoperit cele mai importante nevoi si vise pe care le au oamenii.

Scrisoarea Pentru Copii este o colectie de afirmatii pozitive pe muzica ambientala ce inspira si motiveaza ascultatorul. Sunetul este placut. Melodiile sunt relaxante. Ritmul este creat pe bataile inimii. Este cadoul ideal pentru ziua copilului!

Parintii ce doresc in familie mai multa dragoste, bucurie, pace, rabdare, bunatate, binefacere, blandete, credinciosie, autocontrol, respect, pot comanda acest album pe CD sau MP3 online.

Poti sa distribui acest proiect pentru dezvoltare personala local? Scrie-mi acum pentru a stabili contactul cu personanele cheie din organizatiile educationale, motivationale si inspirationale locale.

Casa de Muzica:
Contact: Cristian@theremixlabel

Catalog: CD1506RO
Artist: Eusunt
Titlu: Scrisoarea Pentru Copii
Descriere: Afirmatii Pozitive Pe Muzica Ambienta

01 Iubitoare
02 Bucuros
03 Pasnic
04 Rabdator
05 Amabil
06 Bun
07 Gentil
08 Blanda
09 Temperata
10 Respectuoasa
11 Umil
12 Milos
13 Servitor
14 Odihnit
15 Ascultator
16 Generos
17 Recunoscator
18 Responsabil
19 Unic
20 Sigur
21 Jucaus
22 Fericit
23 Model
24 Copil

– In Engleza pe Relate4ever Publishing AICI!
– In Spaniola pe The Remix Label AICI!
– In Romana la Cristian Paduraru AICI!

– Te rog, raspunde ca reprezentant pentru raspandirea locala a acestui proiect de dezvoltare personala!

#Bilderberg 2015

Praying for the meeting of world leaders….
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The Only Journalists To Ever Be Inside Bilderberg During Lockdown

BREAKING NEWS: Bilderberg Group TOP STORY on Drudge Report!!

The Bilderberg Group’s Plan for Global Government

How To Infiltrate The Bilderberg Hotel

How To Get Into Builderborg During Lockdown

Banker Confronted At Bilderberg! Claims He Didn’t Attend

Bilderberg Media Mogul and Bankers Confronted At Airport

Bilderberg 2015 Recap


Vibrant #Dance Music (Best Summer Tunes Compilation)

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WER150603 Vibrant Dance Music (Best Summer Tunes Compilation)
01 Ab123 Relate4ever – Evangelio (Ana Miranda Vocal Deephouse Mix) 7:21
02 Db123 Funkocrat – The Love Chapter (Ana Miranda Vocal Snap Trap Breaks Dance Mix) 7:21
03 Db123 Relate4ever – I Will Walk Worthy (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
04 A123 Onelord – He Was In A Soft Whisper (Vibrant Techhouse Mix) 7:21
05 B123 Ketaneo – Reasons Why (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 7:21
06 E123 2LS2Dance – Unlocking Your Full Potential (Vibrant Deephouse Mix) 7:21
07 Bb123 Gospel – The Kingdom Persevere (So Shannon Vocal House Mix) 7:21
08 C123 Paduraru – Baby (Vibrant Deeptech House Mix) 6:35
09 D123 Yesitive – Relocate South (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 7:21
10 Bb123 Funkocrat – Thank You Clyde Stubblefield (Progressive Breaks Mix) 7:04
11 B123 Dubacid – Rest Heading East (Acid Techhouse Mix) 7:21
12 B123 Cristian Paduraru – Homeschooling Children Foreternity (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:46

Ambient Music Iubit Loved Amado Relate4ever Poster


– Download HERE – The Letter For Children
– Descarca AQUI – La Carta Para Los Ninos
– Descarca – AICI – Scrisoarea Pentru Copii

***** Please contact me ASAP when you can distribute this CD release to schools, clubs, churches, etc

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01 Iubit – Loved – Amado

Eu sunt iubit, tu esti iubita, noi suntem iubitori, eu iubesc, tu iubesti, noi ne iubim unii pe altii, eu am dragoste, tu ai dragoste, noi avem dragoste,

I am loved, you are loved, we are loving, I love, you love, we love one another, I have love, you have love, we have love,

Soy amado, eres amado, somos amados, yo amo, tu amas, amamos unos a otros, tengo amor, tienes amor, tenemos amor,

Doresti sa descarci afisul educational?
Would you like to download this poster?
¿Te gustaría Descargar este afiche/póster educativo?

PS: I am searching for a local representative of The Remix Label and Relate4ever Publishing releases. Please contact back for the special offer on this opportunity!

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Joshua Marcum Testimony

Testimony of Joshua Marcum from


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