All Wars are Bankers Wars (Real #History and #Economy)

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What Really Happened with Michael Rivero

All Wars are Bankers Wars (Real History and Economy)
Bancherii sustin toate Razboaiele (Istorie si Economie)

Convert Fiat Currency To Gold Robert Kiyosaki Explains

+ Ron Paul – End the FED

Luis y Marta Ministerio en Latacunga


Luis y Marta Ministerio en Latacunga y Salcedo –

– Que cambio hecho Cristo en tu vida? What Christ made change in your life?

– Como te ha bendecido Operation Ecuador? How has Operation Ecuador blessed you?

– Describa la manera que tu servir a Dios en su reino? Describe the way that you serve God in his kingdom?

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Ploaia in Emisfera de Sud

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Ploaia in Emisfera de Sud


Geoengineering Hurts #Deeptech #Techhouse

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G125 Yespiring – Geoengineering Hurts (Visha Randomized Deeptech Mix)

Stop Air Pollution

The problem is too many (and increasing) airplanes over the sky.  See for yourself your area

Those “clouds” created by contrails are (visual and environmental) pollution. I got too many of farmer’s testimonies who confessed the deterioration in crops and overall health.

Until you get out (of the city matrix) to really live in the nature you cannot truly know, see and feel the difference! Do you understand?

Natural clouds VS weather control whitening dimming sunblocker geoengineering haze

Global Dimming and Diseases

Countryside VS City Sky Chemical Haze From Contrails Pollution


Compartir Testimonio

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Please contact me to register on the Skype meeting call where you will learn the best way to share your testimony or life story! The meeting is available in English, Romanian and Spanish. Also you can have the full audio recording of this class upon request.

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Quito Marathon

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Marathon in Quito


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