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A banana is an edible fruit, botanically a berry. Here is an example from the country of Ecuador, the banana country!

Bananierul este o planta ierboasa din genul Musa, care, din cauza marimii si structurii, este deseori confundat cu un arbore!

#Ananas La Pina #Pineapple #Frutas #Fruits #Fructe

The pineapple aka Ananas aka La Pina  is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries.

Esta especie, de escaso porte y con hojas duras y lanceoladas de hasta 1 metro de largo, fructifica una vez cada tres años produciendo un único fruto fragante y dulce, muy apreciado en gastronomia.

#Camp Bellevue #Ecuador


Camp Bellevue started in 1994 with the acquisition of property of about 18 acres in Tabacundo. The camp location is 1 mile above the town of Tabacundo, sector San José Chico, on the slopes of the Mojanda mountain, an extinct volcano. In 1997 the construction of the main building of about 4,500 square feet, started with mission funds provided by the Bellevue Church of Christ.

In May 1998 the camp was inaugurated with representatives from churches of Christ from across Ecuador. Shortly thereafter in the same year, the camp started to host various activities, including seminars, camp groups, etc. Today, activities take place on a daily schedule. It was featured on Operation Ecuador.

Upfront #Housemusic

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#Estudios #Biblicos en Tabacundo Ecuador con Guillermo

Estudios Biblicos en Tabacundo Ecuador con Guillermo

For more details see –


Babaco – Comer #Fruto – Eating #Fruits – Mancand Fruct

The babaco fruit is seedless and the smooth skin can be eaten, and is said to have tastes of strawberry, papaya, kiwi and pineapple.

Carica Pentagona como la papaya, el babaco se cultiva por su fruto comestible y por el jugo de su fruta. Los cultivos fuera de su distribución geográfica nativa

Babaco e un fruct asemanator cu pepenele galben din Europa, foarte zemos si suculent, cu gust dulce acrisor. Costa cam 1 dolar bucata matura in America de Sud.


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