The Remix Label

RR1311 – Biking Housemusic (Blake Baltimore – Colorado)

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01 Paduraru – Influencing Patterns (Proghouse Mix)
02 Rhadoo – Platonic Inspirational (Techhouse Mix)
03 Motivated – Magnesium (Deephouse Mix)
04 Paduraru – Renewal Chances (Progressive House Mix)
05 Paduraru – Deepsnap (Kolokol Production Deephouse Mix)
06 Paduraru – Like Da Rideon (Inspiring House Mix)
07 Carola_Bianca – Going Green (ProghouseMix)
08 Yesitive – Theytoil Underthesun (Proghouse Mix)
09 Yesitive – Beating Heart (Trancy Proghouse Dub)
10 Yesitive – Raising Awareness (Discolayer Inspiring House Mix)
11 Morico Montini – Mustard Fields (Deep Proghouse Mix)

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