What is Rerooting Movement?

Relate4ever Publishing

Cristian meets James and have an motivational talk about:

What is Rerooting Movement in America then Worldwide?

To build and strengthen communities through initiatives that promotes communication, self-reliance and youth development. Communities are the cornerstone of all civilizations. The fact is we have forgotten to nurture our own. Instead of dealing with social issues, food and shelter we have pawned our responsibilities off on the government. Don’t fool yourself we are all very much responsible for the state of the nation today. So the question is: how do you create a stronger neighborhood and get those inside to buy into it.

Rerooting America is about 7 key initiatives that we believe will strengthen the base of any community. These are not new ideas and for the most part they are tried and true but simply forgotten. Mentoring, Community Agriculture, Co Op Business, Bartering, Timbanking, Renewable Energies and finally Tangible Wealth…

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