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We are change! We have the power. We will move forward.

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Why? Not Northern hemisphere….

– the increasing police state

– the increasingly absurd news headlines

– the increasing worry over the US’s economic conditions

– the worsening dollar and the actions of the federal reserve

– the overabundance of laws that invariably make everyone a criminal

– the decline of civility and the increase in the culture of violence

– the fact that Obama has proven to be equally controlled by the military industrial complex

– the anti-free market, anti-achievement culture

– the acceleration (quickening) of things such as questionable mass-shootings, questionable terrorist attacks

– the environment that I would be raising my future children

– the increasing radiation threat from fukushima

– the increasing apathy of the American people

– the war being waged on our farmers

– the war on drugs as a pretext to assault our liberties

– the war on the second amendment

– the electronic balloting system, and the mainstream media – both of which have undermined the US electoral system.

– the mainstream media is putting all its effort into dividing the populace along easy cleavages, including race, socioeconomic strata, religion, and more.

– pot-bellied pedophiles, sticking their hands down our pants to allow us to travel.

Since we left in April, things continue to get even more interesting… Hastings, NSA lies, Snowden, Benghazi revelations, US government supporting Al Qaida openly, etc.

So, people are unique. They deal with challenges and crises in different ways. Some are thinkers, some are doers, some are fighters. Some are none of the above. Some are all the above. I am a thinker and a doer, but I am not a fighter – particularly in the face of what I perceive as overwhelming opposition – whether this opposition be in government, or in the disinformed, over-fluoridated, over-medicated, under-stimulated masses who worship their captors.

But there are different ways to fight tyranny:

– You can fight with arms, which I will not do.

– You can fight with a pen, which I gave up on doing

– You can fight by simply communicating with my fellow man, one-on-one, which I continue to do

– You can starve the beast, by withdrawing your consent, and voting with your feet, going to another place that your kind is welcomed and can flourish.

Where? Here were my criteria:

– a country where I speak the language in varying levels of comfort (english, spanish, portuguese, mandarin, french)

– large english-speaking percentage of population, making it easy for friends and family

– low population density

– transparent government (low corruption)

– not a target for terrorism

– no adventurist/aggressive foreign policy

– protected from airborne illnesses

– not involved in armed conflict

– relatively low cost of labor

– olive oil and wine producer

– low violent crime rate

– positive business environment

– extremely rare incidence of venomous snakes, spiders, or insects

– A stable government possessing a low likelihood of upheaval

– Beautiful, varied landscapes

– A positive place to raise children

– A high level of education

– The ability for expatriates to invest in and / or own Real Estate

– A government with a strong respect for personal wealth

– A government that understands the importance of a free market and jobs creation

– A privatized social security system

– The ability to import personal belongings without penalties

– A country that is heavily infused with European elements

– The ability of us to obtain visas and work in our new homeland

– Ease of importing family pets

– Lack of widespread diseases.

– A relatively low number of disease-carrying insects or other pests

– ready availability of organic, non-GMO produce, with outdoor markets

– opportunity for gamefowl hunting

– A clean, hospitable environment and culture

– outdoor culture

– sacred property ownership rights – even for non-citizens

– ease of receiving retirement/pension from home country of our elders

– stable, minimally-leveraged banking system

– Excellent, stable internet / telecom infrastructure

– Mild, moderate weather with four distinct seasons (preferably Mediterrenean-style, with diurnal variation)

– on or near the sea

– affordable land

– rich, arable soil

– net food + water exporter

– not near its carrying capacity

– high food production per capita

– quality roads

– low pollution

– healthy, happy, sustainable ratio of sunshine days to rainfall days

– sustainable practices (in agriculture, business, and personal behavior)

– quality, affordable healthcare

– availability of international schools

– ease and cheapness of domestic travel

– modern amenities

– rich cultural activities

– proximity to ski resorts

– not tropical

– proximity to sailing opportunities

– natural beauty

– ease for pensioners/retirees to receive their IRA/Social Security/401K

– high quality, affordable healthcare system

– healthy, wholesome environment

– cheap availability of quality, fresh fish and seafood

– small, low-funded government that can’t afford to regulate or nanny me

– population with high literacy

– loose gun laws, and solid gun rights

– weak or non-existent organized crime organization(s)

– civil, stable populace

– self-sufficient populace

– diverse agricultural zones, to produce diverse agriculture

– unlabeled wine bottles, cloudy olive oil, still-quivering fish and seafood, and all the sailing I can handle

– less-intrusive, less-regulatory government

– population doesn’t hate Americans

– landmass must be large, but not too large, or too small

– large enough to be able to do long road trips

– abundance of water

– high quality of life

– reasonable cost of living

– population to be majority centrist, and not overwhelmingly socialist or hostile to free enterprise

Thanks to Blake Sawyer (whom I don’t typically listen to), I recently added some Fukushima-inspired factors:

– southern hemisphere, because air in northern hemisphere air virtually doesn’t mix with southern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because ocean currents of northern hemisphere virtually don’t mix with southern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because 95% of pollution is generated in the northern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because 85% of rain forests (a natural pollution filter) are in the southern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because there are water shortages in the northern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because there are only two operational reactors in the entire southern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because fukushima and depleted uranium continue to be a problem in the northern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because 96% of storm-related deaths are in the northern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because majority of population is in the northern hemisphere, and can’t feed itself

– southern hemisphere, because climate is far milder (less wild) in southern hemisphere

– southern hemisphere, because life expectancy is much, much higher



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