Lakhan #Baptism in #Trinidad

The Spirit of God is moving powerfully here in T&T aka Trinidad and Tobago!

As part of our 2020 Vision, the church has been praying to plant churches in 4 boroughs of significant population (Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas, & Arima). From these cities, we believe the nation can be evangelized.
The church has been praying and asking God to show us a way to plant the last remaining borough – Arima. A few months ago, our brother Bob Peterson began reaching out to a golfing buddy named Robbie. Robbie is from Sangre Grande (20 min east of Arima & over an hour east from Port of Spain).

God prompted Robbie to begin traveling an hour each way to study the bible with Bob. Robbie was so impacted by what he was learning, he began to bring his wife Angelita to the bible studies. In time, they brought their son Marcus to the studies who eventually brought his wife (& new mom) Kimberly!

The family belonged to a small church of about 15 people in their village outside of Sange Grande. But one day Robbie informed us that the minister (who is also his brother-in-law) had decided to close the church due to burnout. We encouraged Robbie to read the story of Cornelius in Acts 10 and invite his friends, family, and neighbors to their house for a Sunday evening worship service! Robbie did that and God blessed the service with about 25 in attendance! We preached the message of the cross from Acts 2 and called everyone who wasn’t right with God to study the bible, repent & be baptized. We’re still following up with those who expressed interest (including the former minister who brought his wife + 2 kids over for dinner last week!).

We were also invited to come back at the end of July for a special kickoff service where the entire village (mostly Hindus & Muslims) will be invited to attend!

Robbie and his family have continued to faithfully study the bible over the last few weeks. This morning Robbie, Angelita, Marcus, & Kimberly made the hour+ drive into Port of Spain to meet the church and make Jesus Lord in the waters of baptism! Praise God for 4 more souls added to his Kingdom this morning and the beginning of his church in Sangre Grande!

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