#2016 presidential candidates and the next #president of the united states of #america aka #usa with #usd economic collapse

For someone from outside, what can be seen (especially after 911) is that now USA is in the final part as the contemporary empire.  – http://relate4ever.com/end-of-the-world-sign (Dem hom – as we know it)

If the banksters Bilderberg globalist really control the political game (s)election thru fiat currency and other means, then the mockery was to put a slave (black) icon 2008, and then a female 2016 president to destroy the idea of leadership.

So is the next puppident of the empire? Next seems to be then Hitlery to make war with the “patriots” and Christians and anarchists and many other hilarious and hidious initiatives. Be aware and pray for “peace”.

Why female are pushed in official positions


Also be aware that the (last and ultimate) Kingdom (of Heaven) is already here and in power as prophesied in Daniel chapter 2!  – http://relate4ever.com/?s=kog


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