The Purge of the Smart People have Started where more of us become Stupid everyday thru the use of technology!

Satirical ALERT (or NOT)! The Purge of the Smart People have Started! (Where more of us become Stupid everyday thru the use of technology) How? Thru the deployment of “Smart” Technology.

They (Live) and think: Stupid people have Smart phones and even some Smart People will become Stupid because of the use of “Smart” devices.

Why I do NOT use the phone or any wireless device? Because it would radiate EMF and spy on my life and those around me.

It will be far too late when people may realize this is a singularity transhumanism depopulation weapon that turn humans into zombies.

Just like Big Pharma, vaccines, sky dimming pollution, nuclear leaking, GMO food poisoning, etc is is hardly debated for the tyrannical takeover, also the “communication” companies pay Big Bucks to stay in Business.

So what we should do? Restore wired connections and even written letter with the human touch. When? ASAP. Why? To be more healthy and happy. Then? We will have more peace and love…

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Stop Smartgrid 2 Grila Electrica Inteligenta Spioneaza si Radiaza Electromagnetic Constinta


Just like deforestation and oil extraction, the cellular “communication” is damaging the environment. The human body is affected at the cellular level. The seeds and plants are stressed by the electromagnetic radiation produced by all “smart” technology (phones, wifi modems, tv, etc).

If we do not change to old classic technology like wired internet and 900Mhz phones, we are guilty of the health damage of ourselves, our neighbors and the environment and ambient around us. Let us change all new technology with the old until the end of this week. Otherwise we need to move to another location.

Using the new technology will continue to grow the guilt and damage in our lives. Let’s stop the “smart” technology spying and radiating our lives today. I did it and will continue to help others do it. What would you do next?



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