Compelling #Housemusic


RMXLAB1501 – Compelling Housemusic (Vibrant Deephouse Sounds Meets Christmas Proghouse Music Tunes Compilation In Key-C Plus The Paduraru Megamix) [TheRemixLabel] 20 January 2015
01 Paduraru – Music Is Fuel (Luis Beyra Deephouse Mix)
02 Heathous – Defining Definitions (Organic Techhouse Mix)
03 1st Class – Qualitype (Deephouse Mix)
04 Funkocrat – Trippy Bootleg (Fire In Water Progressive Breaks Mix)
05 Already – Found The Lostsheep (Giacomo Pellegrino Acidhouse Mix)
06 Dubacid – Disciplestoday (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
07 Onelord – Lovelution (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
08 Yespiring – Waterside Up (Minimal Deephouse Mix)
09 Carola Bianca – Clockwork (Deep Proghouse Mix)
10 Yesitive – Workout Routine (Electro Techhouse Mix)
11 GrowAware – Just Wonderful (Judo Being Deephouse Mix)
12 Motivated – Turning Bassideup (Nudisco Techhouse Mix)
13 Coolerika – Cherubim And Palmtrees (Zister Proghouse Mix)
14 Cristian Paduraru – Compelling Housemusic (Various Artists Continuous Key-C Deeptech Proghouse Music DJ Mixset)




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