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Pray for the Ukraine!

Jeremiah 29:7
“Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Thank you for joining the European Missions Society in our “month of prayer for missions.” Today we are praying for Ukraine, the country with the largest land area in Europe and a population of about 45 million people. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union for 70 years until it dissolved in 1991, and Ukraine became independent again. Here is a link with more information on Ukraine:

Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine


We have nine churches in Ukraine with a combined membership of over 2,609 disciples. Shawn and Lena Wooten lead the North Region of the Kiev Church, and Shawn also serves as European Missions Director for the European Missions Society. The church in Odessa has 277 and is led by Sasha and Maya Telyatnikov, Kharkov has 133 and is led by Maksym and Lena Dubovsky, Denepropetrovsk has 88 and is led by Andre and Mila Dubovskyy, Donetsk has 29 and is led by Vitaliy and Valya Ratsyuk (most of the congregation have moved in with disciples in other cities due to the civil unrest), Lvov has 35 and is led by Vova and Katya Dyachenko, Vinnitsa has 34 and is led by Jurchuk Victor and Terzyan Nadya and Kirovograd has 22 and is led by Sasha and Luda Lobok. Sumy has 21 and is led by Sergi and Lera Korytchenko. If you are looking for guidance in terms of what to pray for, here are some suggestions:

1. Pray for a stable government.
2. Pray that God will strengthen the disciples undergoing tremendous challenges
3. Pray that God will open hearts and connect those open hearts with disciples.
4. Pray for nationals to be converted in other churches around the world.
5. Pray for God to inspire brothers and sisters to want to lead others.
6. Please join the Facebook page “Pray for Peace for Ukraine” https://www.facebook.com/events/732022606815745/permalink/734876166530389

We also have a personal video update from Shawn Wooten. If you are receiving this message by email and wish to view the video, click here.



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