Vibrant #Dance Music (Best Summer Tunes Compilation)

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WER150603 Vibrant Dance Music (Best Summer Tunes Compilation)
01 Ab123 Relate4ever – Evangelio (Ana Miranda Vocal Deephouse Mix) 7:21
02 Db123 Funkocrat – The Love Chapter (Ana Miranda Vocal Snap Trap Breaks Dance Mix) 7:21
03 Db123 Relate4ever – I Will Walk Worthy (Organic Deephouse Mix) 7:21
04 A123 Onelord – He Was In A Soft Whisper (Vibrant Techhouse Mix) 7:21
05 B123 Ketaneo – Reasons Why (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 7:21
06 E123 2LS2Dance – Unlocking Your Full Potential (Vibrant Deephouse Mix) 7:21
07 Bb123 Gospel – The Kingdom Persevere (So Shannon Vocal House Mix) 7:21
08 C123 Paduraru – Baby (Vibrant Deeptech House Mix) 6:35
09 D123 Yesitive – Relocate South (Inspiring Proghouse Mix) 7:21
10 Bb123 Funkocrat – Thank You Clyde Stubblefield (Progressive Breaks Mix) 7:04
11 B123 Dubacid – Rest Heading East (Acid Techhouse Mix) 7:21
12 B123 Cristian Paduraru – Homeschooling Children Foreternity (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix) 5:46


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