December #Ambient (Cristian Paduraru #Progressive #Chillout #Music Mixset) @TheRemixLabel

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01 Best Reasons Why (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
02 Bland Gentle Gentil (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
03 Kiss In The Rain (Ambient Chillout Mix)
04 Lastday Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Progressive Ambient Mix)
05 Oh Yes The Optimism Tune Theme (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
06 On The Edge (Loyalmen Vocal Ambient Chillout Mix)
07 Perfection Is Complete Maturity (Zingiber Bellimba Organic Chillout Progressive Ambient Mix)
08 Pseudonym Aliases (Progressive Ambient Mix)
09 Reasons Why You Live (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
10 Redeempath (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
11 Unic Unique Unico (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)

Various Artists – December Ambient (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Music Mixset)



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