60 Seconds Bible Words Quiz

Biblical Words Series:

N.T. Greek  –  O.T. Hebrew  –  O.T. Aramaic

The following quiz should be fairly easy for anyone who’s been reading the Bible for a while. Estimated completion time: 60-120 seconds.

  1. When would you say the Hebrew word shalôm?
  2. What’s the translation of the Greek baptisma?
  3. When the Lord asks Peter if he loves him (John 21), is it significant that Jesus uses (the Greek verb) agapân, while Peter replies using phileîn?
  4. What is YHWH?
  5. Explain the meaning of Rabbi.
  6. Bonus question: The Aramaic Maranatha appears only once in the Bible. Where exactly? In the O.T. or the N.T.?

1. Peace! As a greeting or farewell.
2. Immersion.
3. No; the words are synonyms.
4. The four consonants of Yahweh, God’s personal name.
5. Teacher or master.
6. 1 Cor 16:22.


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