Summer Melody by ARPA Press Release

ARPA – Summer Melody (Deep Ambient Chillout Lounge Inspirational Music)
[Worldwide Exclusive Records] WER1708ARPA

1 I Feel With You (Cristian Paduraru Musica Inspiracional Chillout)
2 Summer Ambient (Ambient Harp Piano Mix)
3 August Anthem (Deepient Lounge Hymn DJ Tool)
4 Summer Melody (Inspirational Healthy Piano Music)

There are studies that shows the positive and negative effects of music in water, in plants, in animals, in humans, where there is a higher better growth when playing soft piano music, a regular development with no music, and a disorder while playing modern music styles.

It is written in 1 Sam 16:23 how David played the harp and Saul was refreshed and was well and the evil spirit departed from him.

For more about composing on the heart rhythm, for all four temperaments, singing joyfully with the whole body, leading songs in groups, please listen the Letter for the Musician by Cris on The Remix Label.


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