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    The Problem
    Too many Christians are defeated by:

    * the uncleanness of materialism
    * the pollution of sexual temptation
    * a general lack of holiness and fire for the things of the Lord

    It’s normal to feel unclean in the presence of God. But once we’re
    cleansed, we should be ready for service (Isa 6:1-9; 2 Tim 2:19-22). Yet
    at times we all come short in the area of discipleship.

    With this in mind, the goal of this series accords with Paul’s intention
    in writing to Timothy (1 Tim 1:5-7). We all need three precious things
    — without which we may shipwreck our faith (1 Tim 1:18-19).

    * a pure heart
    * a good conscience
    * a sincere faith

    Seekers are attracted to God when they see a truly sacrificial spiritual
    life (Rom 12:1-2; John 12:32). While none of us wants to shipwreck our
    faith, the disaster normally begins with (greater and greater) moral

    The Plan
    Get ready for an entire month of focus on

    * Cleanliness in the OT (Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah)
    * Cleanliness in the NT (James, Peter, John, Paul)
    * Walking in the Light a terribly misunderstood concept
    * OT and NT lepers
    * NT exorcisms
    * OT and NT reanimations
    * Jesus’ (unique) resurrection
    * Purity and Transformation in the history of Christianity

    Hence the full title of the 31 parts series:
    CLEAN IN ’17 Purity, Cleansing, Leprosy, Exorcism, and Reanimation.
    Join us in this life-changing series, starting 1 January!

    1 Purity and Cleansing in the Psalms
    2 Purity and Cleansing in the Proverbs
    3 Purity and Cleansing in James, Peter, and John
    4 Purity and Cleansing in Paul (and Jesus)
    5 Walking in the Light (seldom understood)

    Leprosy series
    6 The Leprosy of Miriam
    7 The Leprosy of Naaman
    8 The Leprosy of Gehazi
    9 The Leprosy of Uzziah
    10 The Four Starving Lepers of Samaria
    11 The Ten Lepers of Luke 17
    12 The Leper of Mark 1

    Exorcism series begins
    13 Mary Magdalene
    14 Gerasene Demoniac
    15 Mother and Child
    16 Father and Child
    17 The Synagogue Demoniac
    18 Slave Girl of Acts 16:16
    19 The House Swept Clean

    Reanimation series
    20 Widow of Zarephath and Son
    21 Wealthy Shunammites’ Child
    22 The Man Reanimated by Elisha’s Bones
    23 The Old Testament Saints of Matthew 27
    24 The Widow of Nain and Son
    25 Jairus and Daughter
    26 Lazarus
    27 Tabitha (Dorcas)
    28 Eutychus
    29 Jesus

    Why This is so Important
    30 Purity and Transformation in the History of Christianity
    31 Concluding challenges

    CLEAN 2017 Douglas Jacoby Notes

    Download the full audio book from

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