Sharing Semon Service Promoting Churches of Christ Online

Your sermons make a difference. What if they made a 10X difference?

Sermons from the churches of Christ are unique – they call hearers to true holiness, righteousness, and lordship through an uncompromising adherence to the Word of God. More people need the conviction of the Holy Spirit that your sermons deliver.

Relate4Ever Publishing can help. We can establish media strategies to maximize the reach of your church’s sermons. We specialize in YouTube channels that seekers can easily find. Let us help you get the Word out.

You’ll also help us support our exciting planting in Loja Ecuador. For just $100 we’ll help boost the reach of one of your sermons. That money will be used to spread the gospel through our faithful church planting that has already seen six baptism this year.

Thank you for you service in the kingdom of God. I appreciate your work. Would you like to have thousands hearing your weekly sermons? You just send the weekly mp3 recording to erika @ relate4ever dot com

You get high quality audio mastering with best encoding for fast download. You get your recording uploaded on the NO1 streaming site in the world. You get the sermon title in the top searches on the internet. Your church program information is being shared along with the recordings.

Your message get to be promoted to thousands. The people gets the edification provided by your teaching and preaching. God gets the glory and your church gets the attention.

If you like you can have some of the recordings published on Amazon too. Please give this unique opportunity a chance. Send today one of your sermons.

Why I do this? Because I love God, I love the church, I want people in your area to find the church of Christ and not something else, I would love to see more people online hear you and pray for you, because I seek to save the lost.

When you see the results, you will be happy to pay $100 for each campaign. Your collaboration supports planting the gospel and caring for the needy in EC. For more you can see baptisms and testimonies on Publishing! What do you think?

Love, Cris

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    Your sermons make a difference. What if they made a 10X difference?


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