Music Mechanics & Body Language

Unul din cele mai bune seminare de muzica!

The Distraction Dilemma Music Seminar with Christian Berdahl exposes the traps and methods of Satan in an easy to understand, series using the Bible, science and the music industry itself! This is the BEST exposition on music so far!

Distraction Dilemma 1 – Overture: Our Personal Journey
Distraction Dilemma 2 – Opus: Identifying the Mind’s Mark
Distraction Dilemma 3 – Motive: Music Mechanics & Body Language
Distraction Dilemma 4 – 1st Movement: Music History 450 AD-1969
Distraction Dilemma 5 – 2nd Movement: Music History 1970-1990
Distraction Dilemma 6 – 3rd Movement: Music History 1991-2011
Distraction Dilemma 7 – Crescendo: Contemporary Christian Music 1
Distraction Dilemma 8 – Crescendo: Contemporary Christian Music 2
Distraction Dilemma 9 – Serenade: Music in Worship
Distraction Dilemma 10 – The 4 Cs of Christianity




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