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Vestea Buna si Pastele

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The Sense of Heaven

A. 1st Corinthians 15:44, 50
We won’t bring these bodies with us to heaven.
B. Luke 24:39
Spirits do not possess flesh and bones. Yet, in some way, our present senses will transcend the Resurrection.

A. Ephesians 5:2
Like the burnt offerings of ancient times, Christ’s sacrifice of Himself wafted a sweet aroma to God. Perhaps we will know that scent when we arrive in heaven.
B. Philippians 4:14-20
Another scent that pleases the Almighty is that of churches contributing to the livelihood’s of active preachers. It might be that we will be acquainted with that smell when we enter heaven.
C. 2nd Corinthians 2:14-17
When we share the gospel, we diffuse the fragrance of Christ.
D. Revelation 5:8; 8:3-4
God in heaven receives the prayers of saints as incense. Maybe we appreciate that fine odor someday, too.

A. Matthew 5:8
Jesus promised that the pure in heart would see God.
B. John 17:24
Christ’s glory will be visible.
C. 1st John 3:2
Our spiritual eyes will behold Christ in His true form.
D. Revelation 22:4
The visage of the Lord will be on full display.

A. Revelation 5:11-14
A hundred million angels will loudly proclaim Christ’s praises!
B. Revelation 7:9-12
The saved will throng with the angels, lauding our Savior.
C. Revelation 14:1-3
The sound of heaven will be the combination of Niagara Falls and thunderclaps and a symphony of harps altogether singing.
D. Revelation 19:6
Heaven won’t be quiet! It will be filled with songs of loudest praise!

A. Matthew 11:28-30
For those who work hard, Jesus promised rest to the soul. I always sleep best after a day of manual labor when I have really worn myself out.
B. 2nd Thessalonians 1:7
Judgment will bring rest to the troubled.
C. Hebrews 4:9-10
Our hope is for rest. Sometimes, as we age, we find even rest is not so restful. If we sleep “wrong” we may be uncomfortable the day afterward. Heaven won’t be like that.
D. Revelation 14:13
The blessing of death for those in the Lord is rest. So, what will heaven feel like? I imagine it will feel like the cool side of the pillow. It will feel like my favorite leather recliner. For someone else, it might a perfect quilt. For another, it could be a hammock on a warm Spring day.

A. Matthew 5:6
Heaven holds the promise of fulfillment.
B. John 4:13-14
Heaven holds the promise of satisfaction.
C. John 6:53-58
This is so because we feed on Christ!
D. Revelation 7:16
We will be full there. God knows what the sweetness of honey is (Proverbs 24:13), and He knows the flavor of salt (Luke 14:34), and the tastefulness of savory (Genesis 27:4). He will see to it that we are content.

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Himno de Dios El Padre Misericordioso Todopoderoso

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Ruga pentru Romania 2020

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Quarantine or Isolation Online Support – Life Coaching

We feel with you in your isolation. Let us know in a private comment when you need assistance emotionally or spiritually while in isolation or quarantine, so you will continue to life faithfully and fruitfully, have hope and peace.

We can talk over Skype , Facebook, Phone in English, Spanish and Romanian.

Rugaciune pentru Romania 2019

Cum sa ai o relatie mai apropiata cu Dumnezeu? Parcurge aceasta serie de studii biblice.
How the kingdom of God can come in every generation? See the vision for Romania!
Hai să ne rugăm împreună! Let us pray together! ¡Oremos juntos!