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Rugaciune pentru Romania 2019

Cum sa ai o relatie mai apropiata cu Dumnezeu? Parcurge aceasta serie de studii biblice.
How the kingdom of God can come in every generation? See the vision for Romania!
Hai să ne rugăm împreună! Let us pray together! ¡Oremos juntos!


Escancel Sangorache Aerva Plant Ambient Background Chillout Music

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¿Qué te gustó del jugo rojo natural?
Propiedades: Las hojas aromáticas y ramas pequeñas de Aerva sanguinolenta o Escancel se usan como té contra varias enfermedades. Especialmente las enfermedades de los pulmones, resfriados, catarro, anginas, dolor de pecho, y la neumonía son algunas de las aplicaciónes de Escancel. Además, Aerva sanguinolenta se utiliza para tratar la enfermedad renal, infecciones, infecciones de la vejiga, dolores de cabeza, trastornos del hígado y la depresión. Un extracto de Aerva sanguinolenta es utilizado en Pakistán con éxito para la cicatrización de heridas. La planta tiene propiedades diuréticas.
Preparación: Una infusión de las hojas puede tomar unos 5 minutos.

What did you like about the natural red juice?
Properties: The aromatic leaves and small branches of Red Aerva are used as tea against several diseases. Especially diseases of the lungs, colds, catarrh, angina, chest pain, and pneumonia are some of the applications of Escancel. In addition, Aerva bloody is used to treat kidney disease, infections, bladder infections, headaches, liver disorders and depression. An extract of Bloody Aerva is used in Pakistan successfully for wound healing. The plant has diuretic properties.
Preparation: An infusion of the leaves can take about 5 minutes.


How to protect yourself from 5G EMF radiation and chemtrails heavy metals in air and food?

I remember how difficult is to leave one place to relocate in search of a better place… If you are aware of the contemporary pollution that kills us softly producing oxidative stress, please let me know if you are interested to discover ways to recover and protect your health! 

Gospel Acappella Vocal – Go Winning Souls From All Nations @TheRemixLabel

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Search the Word Spiritual Hymn Scripture Song Vocal Acapella @itunes

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Please support Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador) with Singing Scriptures spiritual songs

Thank you for your prayers and support for the events in Loja Ecuador!
Please listen or download HERE the Church Planting recordings.
You can donate is you want to support this mission!
What do you need? What can to pray for you?

Thank you for your mission support in sharing the gospel of Jesus with the people in Loja Ecuador! Every download counts! Would you like to visit? Subscribe for more here. TOP 10 reasons why live in Ecuador here. Official Relate4ever Publishing post.



Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Vision and mission of the fellowship is that Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador will have a true church of Jesus, the Anointed One, the Christ, the Messiah, until the end of the world, the congregation of those who have been called out from this perverse generation to eternal life, will praise God, prepare the members to serve, teach all to fulfill Jesus commandments for salvation and holiness through a Bible study series and a personal life example, with a focus on children from schools, visitors who travel, key people from local business like radio, internet, buses, taxis, stores, etc. People that are truly searching for their Creator and to fulfill their purpose in life, being the best they can be, will become members and fellowship in the church of Loja.














Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Song Share Time Download
1. Singing Scriptures Live in Jardin Escondido (Live)
7:34 album only
2. Prayer and Public Confession of Faith for Baptism in the Name of Jesus and Receive the Holy Spirit in Vilcabamba Fellowship (Live)
6:51 album only
3. Lets Go to Make Disciples from All the Nations Winning Souls for Lord Jesus Singing Matthew 28 from the Letter for Disciples
4:20 album only
4. Wedding of Young Couple David and Tanja (Live)
12:54 album only
5. Testimony of Hope with David
2:43 album only
6. Testimony of Courage with Tanja
4:58 album only
7. Testimony of Maturity with Carl
4:01 album only
8. Testimony of Growth with Roxxanne
4:36 album only
9. Sharing the Faith in Loja Ecuador with over Half Million Souls
11:00 album only
10. Corinthians Overview Presentation House Church Bible Study
4:20 album only
11. Healthy Retreat in Ecuador No1 Country for Retirement by Disciples of the Jesus
3:11 album only
12. Scriptures on Baptism for the Forgiveness of Sins and with the Gift of the Holy Spirit as the Seal for Our Inheritance of Eternal Life in Heaven
12:21 album only
13. The Truth About Technology and Marriage Proposal Then Singing the Jesus Hymn as Praise and Worship
15:51 album only
14. Wedding of Carl and Roxxanne and Singing the Jesus Hymn (Live)
7:10 album only
15. Spiritual Marriage Vows of Carl and Roxxanne (Live)
18:22 album only
16. Love One Another Hymn at Morrissette Wedding Singing Scriptures Together (Live)
2:45 album only
17. Testimony of Life Story with Morrissette Family
9:37 album only
18. Singing Scriptures Live as Fishers of Men Hymn at Morrissette Wedding (Live)
3:50 album only
19. The Forgiveness Tune by Cristian Paduraru as Inspirational Music from the Remix Label
3:12 album only
20. Search the Scriptures as the Word of God as Inspiration Melody from First Principles Bible Study
9:38 album only
21. Thank You for Your Support Giving Charity Remains Motivational Vocal Chillout Mix
3:14 album only
Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)





Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)




Traind ca Isus in Ecuador