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Please support Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador) with Singing Scriptures spiritual songs

Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Thank you for your mission support in sharing the gospel of Jesus with the people in Loja Ecuador! Every download counts! Would you like to visit? Subscribe for more here

Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Vision and mission of the fellowship is that Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador will have a true church of Jesus, the Anointed One, the Christ, the Messiah, until the end of the world, the congregation of those who have been called out from this perverse generation to eternal life, will praise God, prepare the members to serve, teach all to fulfill Jesus commandments for salvation and holiness through a Bible study series and a personal life example, with a focus on children from schools, visitors who travel, key people from local business like radio, internet, buses, taxis, stores, etc. People that are truly searching for their Creator and to fulfill their purpose in life, being the best they can be, will become members and fellowship in the church of Loja.


Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Song Share Time Download
1. Singing Scriptures Live in Jardin Escondido (Live)
7:34 album only
2. Prayer and Public Confession of Faith for Baptism in the Name of Jesus and Receive the Holy Spirit in Vilcabamba Fellowship (Live)
6:51 album only
3. Lets Go to Make Disciples from All the Nations Winning Souls for Lord Jesus Singing Matthew 28 from the Letter for Disciples
4:20 album only
4. Wedding of Young Couple David and Tanja (Live)
12:54 album only
5. Testimony of Hope with David
2:43 album only
6. Testimony of Courage with Tanja
4:58 album only
7. Testimony of Maturity with Carl
4:01 album only
8. Testimony of Growth with Roxxanne
4:36 album only
9. Sharing the Faith in Loja Ecuador with over Half Million Souls
11:00 album only
10. Corinthians Overview Presentation House Church Bible Study
4:20 album only
11. Healthy Retreat in Ecuador No1 Country for Retirement by Disciples of the Jesus
3:11 album only
12. Scriptures on Baptism for the Forgiveness of Sins and with the Gift of the Holy Spirit as the Seal for Our Inheritance of Eternal Life in Heaven
12:21 album only
13. The Truth About Technology and Marriage Proposal Then Singing the Jesus Hymn as Praise and Worship
15:51 album only
14. Wedding of Carl and Roxxanne and Singing the Jesus Hymn (Live)
7:10 album only
15. Spiritual Marriage Vows of Carl and Roxxanne (Live)
18:22 album only
16. Love One Another Hymn at Morrissette Wedding Singing Scriptures Together (Live)
2:45 album only
17. Testimony of Life Story with Morrissette Family
9:37 album only
18. Singing Scriptures Live as Fishers of Men Hymn at Morrissette Wedding (Live)
3:50 album only
19. The Forgiveness Tune by Cristian Paduraru as Inspirational Music from the Remix Label
3:12 album only
20. Search the Scriptures as the Word of God as Inspiration Melody from First Principles Bible Study
9:38 album only
21. Thank You for Your Support Giving Charity Remains Motivational Vocal Chillout Mix
3:14 album only
Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.

Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)

Listen and Download the Church Planting (Events in Loja Ecuador)





Traind ca Isus in Ecuador

Sharing Semon Service Promoting Churches of Christ Online

Your sermons make a difference. What if they made a 10X difference?

Sermons from the churches of Christ are unique – they call hearers to true holiness, righteousness, and lordship through an uncompromising adherence to the Word of God. More people need the conviction of the Holy Spirit that your sermons deliver.

Relate4Ever Publishing can help. We can establish media strategies to maximize the reach of your church’s sermons. We specialize in YouTube channels that seekers can easily find. Let us help you get the Word out.

You’ll also help us support our exciting planting in Loja Ecuador. For just $100 we’ll help boost the reach of one of your sermons. That money will be used to spread the gospel through our faithful church planting that has already seen six baptism this year.

Thank you for you service in the kingdom of God. I appreciate your work. Would you like to have thousands hearing your weekly sermons? You just send the weekly mp3 recording to erika @ relate4ever dot com

You get high quality audio mastering with best encoding for fast download. You get your recording uploaded on the NO1 streaming site in the world. You get the sermon title in the top searches on the internet. Your church program information is being shared along with the recordings.

Your message get to be promoted to thousands. The people gets the edification provided by your teaching and preaching. God gets the glory and your church gets the attention.

If you like you can have some of the recordings published on Amazon too. Please give this unique opportunity a chance. Send today one of your sermons.

Why I do this? Because I love God, I love the church, I want people in your area to find the church of Christ and not something else, I would love to see more people online hear you and pray for you, because I seek to save the lost.

When you see the results, you will be happy to pay $100 for each campaign. Your collaboration supports planting the gospel and caring for the needy in EC. For more you can see baptisms and testimonies on Publishing! What do you think?

Love, Cris

Cantando Escrituras con los niños en la escuela dominical Loja Ecuador

Cantando Escrituras con los niños en la escuela dominical Loja Ecuador

Ameis Unos A Otros en Loja Ecuador

VEVE Cantando el Himno de la Tentacion por Audición

¿Te gustaría tener más fe? ¿te gusta cantar? ¿quieres ser más espiritual? Entra en la audición de las escrituras cantando y envía tu grabación vocal de al menos uno de los 10 himnos espirituales hasta el final del próximo mes. Todas las entradas serán escuchadas, muchas serán promovidas, una puede ganar $100.

Would you like to have more faith? Do you like to sing? Do you want to be more spiritual? Enter into the Singing Scriptures audition and send your vocal recording of at least one of the 10 spiritual hymns until the end of next month. All entries will be listened, many will be promoted, one can win $100.



La Comunicacion 2017 Carta Para Familia Capitulo 1

ĺndice por “La Carta para Familia”:

1 La Comunicación

2 El Perdón

3 El Orden en Los Pasos

4 El Amor

5 Las Prioridades

6 El Equilibrio

7 La Unidad

8 El Ingreso

9 Las Estaciones

10 Los Frutos

11 La Paternidad

12 La Herencia


CPF01 Capítulo de la Comunicación


1 Una relación es una conexión. La comunicación hace la conexión en la relación. La comunicación es un cambio significativo de ideas, hechos, sentimientos con palabras y lenguaje corporal. ¿Cómo lo haces? Principalmente conversando y escuchando. El objetivo es construir la confianza.


2 Tenemos dos orejas que siguen abiertas y una boca que cierra. ¿Vas a ser pronto para oír, y tardo para hablar? Está escrito (en Santiago 1:19) Todo hombre sea pronto para oír, tardo para hablar.


3 ¿Cuáles son las calidades principales para oír y hablar? Humildad y honestidad. ¿Vas a escuchar humildemente? ¿Vas a hablar honestamente?

¿Te gustaría escuchar toda la carta para la familia? ¡Inscríbete aquí para recibir noticias aqui!