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Clarify Confusion


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Ateliere Dezvoltare Personala

Te poti inscrie la Cris, pentru Atelierul Online Pentru Dezvoltare Personala Holistica…

Vanzari Muzica Ambientala #Bestjobs

Vanzari Muzica Ambientala

The Remix Label

  • Nivel cariera – Entry (0-2 ani), Middle (2-5 ani), Senior (5-10 ani), Executive (>10 ani)

  • Limbi vorbite – Engleza, Romana

  • Locatii – Online / International

 1 Care este motivatia ta in vanzari? (Per general sau pe domeniu specific)

* Chiar daca exista o asteptare in motivare personala, oferta include perspective.

2 Ce strategie propui pentru vanzare de muzica ambientala? (Ex: pitch la agentii de turism)
* Antrenament unul la unul inclus in oferta.

3 Cum putem avea fiecare album in top pe magazine? (Vezi
* Oferta include strategi existente.

4 Doresti sa vezi 1000 de clienti loiali in urmatoarele 6 luni? (Comunicare, Incantare, etc)
* Casa de discuri are deja o baza internationala de clienti.

5 Care este telul zilnic de prospectare la un comision de 20%? Dar la 40%
* Detalii la interviu.

Acappella – Ambient – Music

Online Workshops

If you like to enjoy the Relate4ever online workshops where we meet one-on-on in a live webminar, please email me

The main topics we can schedule: music (composing, singing, leading), relationships (homesteading, homebirth, homeschooling).

Would you like to know which are the essential things you need to focus on as a parent/child, single, married, senior/elderly, disciple?

Also you can browse other subjects we cover in the publishing interviews, like spirituality, education, health, etc.

So what is your need or interest right now? Contact me so I can share with you what Relate4ever Publishing discovered interviewing thousands of people worldwide!

Stressed VS Peace of mind

Stressed VS Peace of mind

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