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#Natural Motivation – Solo #Piano Music Video #Romania

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Refreshing rain in the countryside

December #Ambient (Cristian Paduraru #Progressive #Chillout #Music Mixset) @TheRemixLabel

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01 Best Reasons Why (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
02 Bland Gentle Gentil (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
03 Kiss In The Rain (Ambient Chillout Mix)
04 Lastday Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Progressive Ambient Mix)
05 Oh Yes The Optimism Tune Theme (Organic Ambient Chillout Mix)
06 On The Edge (Loyalmen Vocal Ambient Chillout Mix)
07 Perfection Is Complete Maturity (Zingiber Bellimba Organic Chillout Progressive Ambient Mix)
08 Pseudonym Aliases (Progressive Ambient Mix)
09 Reasons Why You Live (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
10 Redeempath (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)
11 Unic Unique Unico (Progressive Ambient Chillout Mix)

Various Artists – December Ambient (Cristian Paduraru Progressive Ambient Chillout Music Mixset)


Vibration Records Meditation (Binaural Beats Ambient Chillout EP)

130625 Cristian Paduraru – Vibration Records Meditation 01 EP
1 Life As A Journey (7hz Binaural Beats Deepient Ambient Mix)
2 Fired Up Dedication (6hz Binaural Beats Seashore Ambient Mix)
3 History Documentary (5hz Binaural Beats Warmbient Ambient Mix)
4 Sacrifice (4hz Binaural Beats Chillout Lounge Ambient Mix)

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ? Nikola Tesla Vibration Records releases an EP from Cristian Paduraru to expand your mind, your perception of vibrations, energy, and this reality. We will take you deep into theta state, using binaural beats; the Solfeggio frequencies and some super chilled ambient music. Binaural beats must be used with stereo headphones for the effects to work. Find out more here: We do not recommend listening to these tracks while driving or working as drowsiness is very possible. Now prepare yourself for deep relaxation and meditation.

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Omnipotent (Techhouse)

The Remix Label

C126 Paduraru pres Onelord – Omnipotent (Techhouse Mix)

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Just wonderful housemusic May chart on Beatport

Nowplaying Paduraru Just Wonderful Housemusic May Chart!/183195


Funkocrat Infowars Breaks Liberty Music Video



Funkocrat Breaks Liberty Music Video For Operation Paul Revere Contest
Operation Paul Revere Music aka Infowarriors Dance Anthem Here!