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Homesteading Homestead in Russia

The Russian Homestead Act is a 2016 proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to give 1 hectare, or 2.5 acres of free land in the Russian Far East to Russian citizens and foreign nationals as long as they live there for five years.[1][2][3]

For history of how USA was populated and developed where it was gave to an applicant ownership of land, typically called a “homestead“, at little or no cost. In all, more than 270+ million acres of public land, or nearly 10% of the total area of the U.S., was given away free to 1.6+ million homesteaders;

The Russian president has approved the idea to offer large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business.

7 mil – 75% of the population is urban. The largest cities are:

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Temperate weather

Clear sky over Primorsky

Farm Life Story

Farm Life Story with Jeff Johnson in Cuenca Ecuador on Relate4ever Publishing

Soothing Ducks Organic Pool Ambient Music

Green Hot House Organic Farm

Green Hot House Organic Farm – Finca Sagrada Ecuador Travel – Interns Volunteers –

Travel Adventure Organic Farms And Sustainable Communities

Travel Adventure Organic Farms And Sustainable Communities with Amber from Minnesota


Neverland Farm Ecuador

Visit Neverland Farm community, and Tina Marshall. We have been working with a volunteer program and organic projects here in our valley since the year 2002. Our cafe is grown in our valley, in accord with the sun, moon and stars, organically, biodynamically. This valley seems ideally suited for organic product life coffee, it naturally occurs here, we have an altitude of about 5200 feet or 1500 meters, plenty of natural mature trees for shade, high nitrogen content to the soil, a year round small creek (la Quebrada Condorhuana) that runs off the mountains of Llano Grande and La Terranza to keep this valley green and lush, and plenty of loving hands for cultivating and hand picking the selected red beans.


1moment water on a wire walking natural travel

1moment water on a wire walking natural travel