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Singing Love One Another live at Vilcabamba wedding

Singing the (One Another) Commandments Hymn, bilingual! Full recording coming soon…
Love One Another hymn sang for the 1st time at Morrissette wedding…
Can you, please, say a prayer for Vilcabamba Fellowship?
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Marriage of David and Tanja in Vilcabamba



Praying for the Marriage of David and Tanja in Vilcabamba Fellowship 170729

Online Workshops

If you like to enjoy the Relate4ever online workshops where we meet one-on-on in a live webminar, please email me

The main topics we can schedule: music (composing, singing, leading), relationships (homesteading, homebirth, homeschooling).

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#Singles Sharing their life story to connect in an international conference

Inspirational: singles sharing their life story also known as testimony to connect and relate in an international conference.

Coming soon: The Letter for Singles (Top 20 Topics Workshop and Ambient Music Album with Positive Affirmations)  on publishing.

Life Story from Alaska with Ethan Kaz

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Inspirational Life Story aka Testimony from Fairbanks, Alaska with Ethan Kaz

Men afraid of #Marriage and Women in #Relationships

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Why Are Men Frightened of Marriage?

Marriage Relationships Marrieds Share Your Advise With Us About Communication And #Feeling #Love