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Do You Offer Music Promotion Services

Do you send news to a list of loyal customers?
Then send me the statistics to confirm.
Are they interested in inspirational music?

Can we see this music album in the top sellers chart?
How much do you charge for this result?
Do you have money back guarantee?
Then what is the approx time of delivery?

Thank you for your service in the music scene.
Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Online Workshops

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Class on #Music #Composing and #Singing

Class on Composing Music (English)

Please write me ASAP to register to the next online Class on Music Composing and Singing, where we will interact on the best ideas and techniques! To get on the live Skype call Sponsor it with at least 10 usd here –   

Cantar Las Escrituras Clase (Espanol)
– Componer y Alabanza en EQEB

Teaching Singing the Scriptures with orphans in South America –