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Revival #Bible Reading #Plan

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Would you like to have a revival in your group? How about immersing into the word of God to grow in faith, unity, relationships, fruits?

Which are some ideas that enriched this experience in the past?
– Reading aloud and record an audio version then listen to it with your household and share it with your friends and enemies.

– Writing the Scripture with the pen on paper to make the head-hand-heart connection.

– Doing an inductive study on the verses: writing the text word for word in the 1st column, then share what you got in the 2nd column, then writing in the 3rd what you will do with what you got as practical decisions along with some of the people you will share what you learned.

– Sharing your life story also known as testimony just like Paul in Acts 26. Feel free to listen the contemporary chronicles published on Relate4ever site here with other disciples worldwide.

– Starting a prayer ministry. Praying for a whole month for the specific needs and dreams of a number of people. You will be amazed how God can bless you with deep friendships and answered petitions.

– Fasting at least 1 day at the end of each month with the whole group.

– Singing the Scripture in your quiet times, using as a starting point the most memorable melody or favorite song, yet using the verses as lyrics. You can send me your audio recordings as demos for future music releases on the remix label in this series!

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I’m constantly praying for this Bible reading plan to revive your walk with the Lord and to build up His kingdom worldwide. Please join in this prayer and vision for His glory.


Plan #Pastori Pentru Crestere si #Cantari Crestine ca #Resurse

Invitatie la colaborare! Plan pastoral pentru crestere ucenici prin studiu si cantari Crestine – Resurse online si offline spre gloria Domnului Dumnezeu si zidirea Imparatiei Lui. Contacteaza-ma astazi!

  1. Plan de parcurs Biblia (citire, scriere, studiu, cantare, post, etc)
    2. Povestea vietii tale (impartasirea, inregistrarea marturiei, scrierea istoriei, evanghelizare, etc)
    3. Cantarea Scripturilor (compunere, cantare, dirijare, etc)
    4. Distribuirea Resurselor (cadouri, sarbatori, organizatii, etc)

ENGLISH – music class.

TESTIMONIES – publishing.