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The Sense of Heaven

A. 1st Corinthians 15:44, 50
We won’t bring these bodies with us to heaven.
B. Luke 24:39
Spirits do not possess flesh and bones. Yet, in some way, our present senses will transcend the Resurrection.

A. Ephesians 5:2
Like the burnt offerings of ancient times, Christ’s sacrifice of Himself wafted a sweet aroma to God. Perhaps we will know that scent when we arrive in heaven.
B. Philippians 4:14-20
Another scent that pleases the Almighty is that of churches contributing to the livelihood’s of active preachers. It might be that we will be acquainted with that smell when we enter heaven.
C. 2nd Corinthians 2:14-17
When we share the gospel, we diffuse the fragrance of Christ.
D. Revelation 5:8; 8:3-4
God in heaven receives the prayers of saints as incense. Maybe we appreciate that fine odor someday, too.

A. Matthew 5:8
Jesus promised that the pure in heart would see God.
B. John 17:24
Christ’s glory will be visible.
C. 1st John 3:2
Our spiritual eyes will behold Christ in His true form.
D. Revelation 22:4
The visage of the Lord will be on full display.

A. Revelation 5:11-14
A hundred million angels will loudly proclaim Christ’s praises!
B. Revelation 7:9-12
The saved will throng with the angels, lauding our Savior.
C. Revelation 14:1-3
The sound of heaven will be the combination of Niagara Falls and thunderclaps and a symphony of harps altogether singing.
D. Revelation 19:6
Heaven won’t be quiet! It will be filled with songs of loudest praise!

A. Matthew 11:28-30
For those who work hard, Jesus promised rest to the soul. I always sleep best after a day of manual labor when I have really worn myself out.
B. 2nd Thessalonians 1:7
Judgment will bring rest to the troubled.
C. Hebrews 4:9-10
Our hope is for rest. Sometimes, as we age, we find even rest is not so restful. If we sleep “wrong” we may be uncomfortable the day afterward. Heaven won’t be like that.
D. Revelation 14:13
The blessing of death for those in the Lord is rest. So, what will heaven feel like? I imagine it will feel like the cool side of the pillow. It will feel like my favorite leather recliner. For someone else, it might a perfect quilt. For another, it could be a hammock on a warm Spring day.

A. Matthew 5:6
Heaven holds the promise of fulfillment.
B. John 4:13-14
Heaven holds the promise of satisfaction.
C. John 6:53-58
This is so because we feed on Christ!
D. Revelation 7:16
We will be full there. God knows what the sweetness of honey is (Proverbs 24:13), and He knows the flavor of salt (Luke 14:34), and the tastefulness of savory (Genesis 27:4). He will see to it that we are content.

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Carte Pentru Copii

Multumim pentru ascultare
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Buna prieteni! Numele meu este Cristian și voi împărtăși câteva mesaje pentru a avea un stil de viață bun. Am început în anii optzeci cercetarea pentru a descoperi adevărul și cum să trăiesc bine. Am să împărtășesc ce am descoperit in urma parcurgerii a mii de resurse. Vă invit acum să participați la proiectul meu numit Scrisorile pentru Viață.

La un moment dat, ne-am întrebat cu toții: De ce sunt unii oameni mai sănătoși sau mai de succes decât alții? Pornim de la o premisă: Sănătos înseamnă cu energie, înseamnă energie activă. Succesul în viața noastră se asociază cu “venituri suficiente și rezultate semnificative”. Trebuie să fim sănătoși pentru a avea roade bune!

Trăim într-o perioada de timp așa de abundentă când putem descoperi tot ce avem nevoie pentru a trăi bine! Știați că există câteva teme esențiale pentru fiecare sezon a vieții noastre? Hai să descoperim împreună temele pentru copii, discipoli, muzicieni, familii și oameni în vârstă.

Dorești să obți cel mai bun rezultat prin această scrisoare? Te invit să-ți scri deciziile practice ca țeluri pentru fiecare dintre aceste subiecte esențiale pentru a avea un stil de viață sănătos și de succes.

Ce este cel mai important pentru dezvoltarea copilului? Iată cele șapte capitole:
1 Introducere la Scrisorile Pentru Viata (Motivare)
2 Invatatura (Educatie Pentru Viata)
3 Mancarea (Nutritie si Sanatate)
4 Siguranta (Hainele si Adapostul)
5 Importanta (Ce Sunt si ce Impact au Valorile Personale)
6 Miscarea (Pentru Munca si Exercitiile Fizice)
7 Relatiile (Pregatirea Pentru Casatorie si Familie)
8 Odihna (Ce Este Somnul si Visul)
9 Muzica Pentru Copii (Relaxare Linistitoare)
10 Cantec De Leagan (Melodie De Adormit Copii)
11 Imnul Copiilor (Cantarea Scripturilor)
12 Cartea Pentru Copii (Carte Audio Dezvoltare Personala)

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Sense of Hell and Isolation


A. Genesis 19:24-25
Since the first time God employed fire in the punishment of humankind, brimstone was involved, too.
B. Psalm 11:6; Revelation 21:8
Brimstone awaits the damned. Brimstone is sulfur, the constant odor of rotten eggs.

A. Matthew 2:18
Wailing is the bitter sound of lamentation.
B. Matthew 13:42, 50; 22:13; 24:51; 25:30
It is the sound that will fill hell.
C. Luke 13:27-28
Doom sounds like unstoppable crying.

A. Matthew 18:9
Many may enter hell with two eyes, but it will do them no good.
B. 2nd Peter 2:4-17; 1st John 1:15
Hell is a place of darkness. There isn’t much to see.
C. Luke 16:23, 26
What can be seen, however, are those who dwell in comfort, far away from the sinful departed.

A. Matthew 18:8-9; Luke 16:24; 2nd Thessalonians 1:6-8
Flaming fire will always scorch, but never consume, those who occupy hell.
B. Mark 9:43-48
Undying worms will be there, probably nibbling away at the souls of the damned.

A. Luke 6:25
Those in hell will crave fulfillment, but be left permanently empty.
B. John 6:35-36; Psalm 34:8
The Lord would have satisfied them if they had truly desired.

A. Luke 16:25
In torment, they will call to mind how they wasted their years on earth.
B. Hebrews 8:12
Meanwhile, God will forget the sins of the saved.

A. Matthew 13:47-50
Hell means separation from good people.
B. 2nd Thessalonians 1:9-10
Most of all, it is separation from God Himself.

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Holy Spirit Class by John Lusk

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CLEAN 2017 Douglas Jacoby Notes

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CLEAN 30 Purity and Transformation in Christian Theology @DouglasJacoby @Relate4ever

CLEAN 2017 Douglas Jacoby Notes

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