When you get what you did to others?

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When you get what you did to others? It happened to you to feel bad or good about a situation, then to realize that you did the same to others in the past?

I call it the Laban principle out of Genesis and it is like a spiritual boomerang. Why? To change my mind and life into a better human? What do you say?

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Ce se intampla dupa moarte?

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Sufletul este facut dupa sexul dintre barbat si nevasta lui cand Dumnezeu vrea. Apoi dupa aproape 9 luni sufletul este nascut in aceasta lume materiala.

Care este scopul oamenilor pe pamant? Sa cunoasca, sa iubeasca pentru a avea o legatura vesnica cu Dumnezeu si ceilalti oameni. Moartea este inevitabila!

Ce se intampla dupa viata pe pamant? Toate sufletele merg in Hades unde locuiesc mortii. Aici sufletele sunt in doua parti, cei care au omis sau evitat sa il caute pe Dumnezeu sunt in iad, iar cei care au mers cu Dumnezeu sunt in rai.

La a doua venire a lui Hristos cand Dumnezeu Tatal va decide sfarsitul lumii fizice in ziua Judecatii, El va distruge lumea si toate sufletele din iad vor muri. Aceasta este a doua moarte a sufletelor fara Dumnezeu.

Apoi pentru toate sufletele din rai vor merge in vesnicie cu Dumnezeu si se vor bucura de o…

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housemusic foundation beatport chart by paduraru mixing deeptech deephouse techhouse tunes

Cristian Paduraru, Comingsoon - Chosen Filmworks
Chosen Filmworks (Comingsoon Deephouse Mix) Cristian Paduraru Comingsoon Worldwide Exclusive Records Deep House 2014-07-09 $1.99 Buy

play queue
Vibrant, Paduraru - Housekeeping Trust
Housekeeping Trust (Vibrant Deephouse Mix) Paduraru Vibrant 2LS 2 Dance Tech House 2012-11-07 $1.49 Buy

play queue
Paduraru, lS DJ - Save Those Who Hear You
Save Those Who Hear You (lS DJ Deephouse Mix) Paduraru lS DJ Worldwide Exclusive Records Deep House 2014-05-07 $1.49 Buy

play queue
Cristian Paduraru, Vibrant - Peacemakers
Peacemakers (Vibrant Deephouse Mix) Cristian Paduraru Vibrant Worldwide Exclusive Records Deep House 2014-04-16 $1.49 Buy

play queue
Coolerika - Mourn Willbe Comforted
Mourn Willbe Comforted (Deeptech Deephouse Mix) Coolerika CR2CD Deep House 2014-06-24 $1.99 Buy

play queue
Dubacid, Redub, Robbie Jay - Rainbow Rhythm
Rainbow Rhythm (Robbie Jay & ReDub Deeptech Mix) Dubacid Redub, Robbie Jay Worldwide Exclusive Records Progressive House 2013-01-09 $1.49 Buy

play queue
Dubacid, Paduraru, Paduraru - Defining Faith
Defining Faith (Dubacid Deephouse Mix) Dubacid, Paduraru Paduraru 2LS 2 Dance Deep House 2013-12-26 Album Only

play queue
Paduraru, Ben Walsh - Ring My Bell
Ring My Bell (Ben Walsh Tribal Deephouse Mix) Paduraru Ben Walsh Worldwide Exclusive Records Deep House 2013-09-11 $1.49 Buy

play queue
Vibrant, Morico Montini - Power Of Surrender
Power Of Surrender (Vibrant Techhouse Mix) Morico Montini Vibrant CR2CD Tech House 2014-06-24 $1.99 Buy

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Dubacid, SGreen - Basstrip
Basstrip (SGreen Deephouse Mix) Dubacid SGreen Worldwide Exclusive Records Deep House 2014-02-12



Lily4Liberty speech at Colorado #Liberty Conference #Collectivism China VS USA

During her speeches Lily states how she sees the U.S.A. becoming more like a communist nation and China becoming more of a capitalistic nation.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individualism (Capitalism, Independence, Liberty, Freedom, etc)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collectivism (Communism, Socal-ism, Nazism, etc)

http://www.lily4liberty.com/issues.html – Limited Gov, Eco Free Market, 2A Self Defence

#Deeptech Is Where #Deephouse meets #Techhouse #Music This Autumn (Organic Sounds On Vibrant Rhythms #Album #Compilation)

WER140910 – Deeptech Is Where Deephouse meets Techhouse Music This Autumn (Organic Sounds On Vibrant Rhythms Compilation) on [Worldwide Exclusive Records] – Release date  10 Sept 2014 – Subscribe on The Remix Label HERE for upfront releases!

01 Ab123 Paduraru – Wearechange (Vibrant Deephouse Dance Anthem Mix)
02 Eb123 Yesitive – Raisedon The3rday (Inspiring Acid Proghouse Mix)
03 E123 Ecuador – Ecuadorian Dance Anthem (Vibrant Techhouse Mix)
04 A123 Relate4ever – Naturalnews (Organic Health Deephous Mix)
05 C123 Heathous – Defining Definitions (Organic Techhous Mix)
06 D123 Coolerika – Courage Comes By Doing (Inspiring Techhouse Mix)
07 B123 Cristian Paduraru – Berries Superfood (Organic Deephouse Mix)
08 Bb123 Funkocrat – Givelove (Deeptech Breaks Techhouse Mix)
09 Ab123 Ketaneo – Revival Change (Tribal Proghouse Mix)
10 Eb123 Onelord – Venerable Honesty (Vibrant Techouse Mix)
11 F123 GrowAware – Jehoshaphat Asked (lS DJ Deephouse Mix)
12 E120 Yespiring – You Only Live Once (Michele Aquila Deephouse Mix)
13 B123 Deepient – Pseudonym Aliases (Progressive Ambient Mix)
14 B123 Carpatina – Redeempath (Balearic Ambient Chillout Lounge Mix)

Upload the videos https://archive.org/details/deeptech-autumn on your youtube channel!



#Berlin is #Inspiring the Next Revolution! #MSM #Banks @LukeWeAreChange @Relate4ever

Berlin is Inspiring the Next Revolution!

We Woke Up, Now What About Your Place?

Massive End The Fed Movement in Germany

Your Personal Currency For Free Trade

When truth will set you free?


Oldschool #Housemusic (Opencloud Compilation)

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WER121219  Dubacid – Oldschool Housemusic (Opencloud WemixSeries Proton)

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